Her name is NEVER — night whisper, a shadow of the sea wave, a midnight promise.
KISA KUKU — try something new every day and learn from new experiences.

Toys are tools for telling stories

They may be molds of memories. They can be emissaries of exploration. They help us to remember special people, feelings and times. Collected, our toys become a bright and playable manifestation: a curated exhibition of who we are.
Moon Wanderers a gentle seafarers who floats with the moonlight.
Gooma Gooma
Gooma are living seeds who explore and claim new territories.

I’m finding inspiration

in my plentiful and vivid dreams, Russian fairy tales and Slavic mythology, body of work of Soviet animators, people around me, and the fact that I will die one day.
Govra Govra
Govra The deity of the End. You can find her where something ends — at end of the road, at the end of the day or when something dies.
Godot The end of the Man Godot The end of the Man
The End of the Man If you’re not get lost, you will never get found. Found in the woods.