Godot Cosmonaut

April 12 is a Cosmonautics day in dedication of the first manned space flight made on April 12, 1961. As you remember, in 2011 we did a Kickstarter campaign to celebrate 50 years of Gagarin’s flight and produced a Luno figure. So let’s keep the tradition alive.

This year, special holiday release is a Godot Cosmonaut with his little helping Rover friend. 

Godot Cosmonaut is the most complicated release to date, it’s made of 26 parts and three different plastic materials.

Govra the deity of the End Govra the deity of the End Govra the deity of the End Govra Looking Glass

Govra the deity of the End

Gooma world is full of gods, spirits, ghosts and deities of all kinds.

One of them is Govra, the deity of the End. If you’re lucky, you can find her where something ends – at end of the road, see her at the end of the day or you can meet her when something dies. Govra has the large number of cultist followers, who build altars and praise her sacrificig sandglasses and rotten fruits.

Govra sculpture made of resin and it’s one of my largest releases to date, it’s towering about 17cm (7in).

Am loving that Sergey’s sense of aesthetics is going beyond the traditional urban culture and delving heavily into lore and creating worlds, and the toy/collectible culture is enriched by his journey.


Dream Boat Porcelain container Dream Boat Porcelain candle holder Dream Boat

Dream Boat

Dream boat is the small dish initially designed as a candleholder, but you can use it anyway you like. Light candles or burn an incenses in it, stash away your silver jewelry, a special candy or one of your Be@rbricks or Flirps.

Produced in glossy all-white porcelain.

Height: 3cm / 1.1” 

Width: 8cm / 3.1”